Posted by: sammyzblog | May 6, 2010

Why do you deserve to win?


Contests are a part of everyday life, whether we wish it or not. Which employee does the boss like the most, who lives in the best neighborhood and how many friends do you have? They’re all contests without a price and for someone to win, someone has to lose. It’s life and every day we both win and lose.

As for contests with a price they’re more often than not based on skill, those that aren’t are based on luck. But that’s not really true is it!?

There will always be the contests where you have to convince others that you deserve to win. These contests are most common when it comes to commercials, motivate why you should win a product and you might get it. I dislike these contests and I’ve never entered one, not because I don’t want the product or disapprove with the company but because I can’t think of a single reason why I deserve to win.

I have no real problems or recent accomplishments and I don’t want the product bad enough to buy it even though I can afford it. These are the three most important things when it comes to how much you deserve to win, at least if we are to believe the companies which make the contests.

If I deserve to win it’s either because my life sucks and the only thing that can save it is this particular product, I studied really hard and just graduated on top of my class and that is why I should be awarded with this product or I really want it but can’t afford it. It’s tricky when none of that applies to you. But do these things mean we deserve to win?

I honestly don’t think so. Because there are no particular skills involved we deserve to win or lose just as much as everyone else. If these companies were to change the question to “why do you want the product?” I’d enter without a hitch, because we all know why we want things.

To summarize we all deserve to win sometimes but don’t make us think about why. It’s too hard to figure out, or are you one of those who know why you deserve to win?




  1. Perfect! Thank you for putting in words, my exact thoughts.

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